Film d’animazione. DCP, Europe, 2014, 13′

Il soggetto di questo film d’animazione disegnato direttamente su pellicola 35 mm è quella di mettere in gioco l’immaginario di 10 artisti/autori europei in un un progetto collettivo.

‘Re-cycling Project’ involves 10 animation artists, coming from different european countries. Each of them will make 1 minute of animation on film, drawing directly on it, with their own style.

The direct drawing on film has a long story.

It was one of the earliest techniques of sperimental abstract cinema in the 20s and 30s, with works by Oskad Fischinger, Hans Richter, Walt Ruttmann. Norman McLaren continued to experiment, creating a peculiar series of films which later became a milestone for everyone wanting to work with this technique. And the concept of the film just started from the anniversary of birth of Norman Mclaren!

Ten among the most interesting european animation authors will continue this “tradition” in a collective opus: RE-CYCLING: Špela Čadež (Slovenia), Rastko Ćirić (Serbia), Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria), Magda Guidi (Italy), Joni Männistö (Finland), Regina Pessoa (Portugal), Ülo Pikkov (Estonia), Marina Rosset (Switzerland), Gábor Ulrich (Hungary), Petra Zlonoga (Croatia).

The idea blossomed from a fertile ground of artistic research, conducted in different fields: comics, illustration, visual arts; and it is based on an experimental and creative modality with a distinctive situationist mark. The ten artists will participate in a game, and will have to follow some ground rules, regarding technique, subject, length, and predetermined deadlines.

Crediti /Credits:

Art Director: Paola Bristot
Editing: Paola Bristot
Sound Design Coordination: Andrea Martignoni
Graphic design and titles: Giulio Calderini, Michele Bernardi
Production assistant: Fosca Pozzar Colinassi
Press office: Manuela Morana
Production: Arte Video, Association Viva Comix
Associate producer: Paolo Polesello
Distribution: OTTOmani

Supported for the Development by Fondo Regionale per l’Audiovisivo FVG

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